1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar (32.15 ozs)


The 1 Kilo Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar (32.15 oz.t Gold) is produced by one of the most technically advanced and respected Gold and Silver refineries in the world, the Royal Canadian Mint. Founded in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is the official Mint of Canada, headquartered in Ottawa, and operates as a Crown corporation, producing more than one billion circulation coins every year for more than sixty countries. The most popular coin is the Silver Maple Leaf Coin.

Each RCM 1kilo gold bar is struck with the Royal Canadian mintmark seal and an individual mint-issued serial number. Each bar will also indicate its weight, content, and purity.

Design and Specifications
The design on the front of each Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar is recognized by precious metals investors worldwide. The name of the mint is featured on the obverse in both English and French; “Royal Canadian Mint” and Monnaie Royale Canadienne encircle the RCM symbol, which is a stylized maple leaf emerging from the letter M. Beneath this RCM logo, the weight and purity are engraved along with a serial number that is unique to every single Gold bar.



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